Levels, levels

If you’re reading this, it means my first blog-style post successfully went up to Nonstandard Deviations! Great work.

This blog runs on what I consider to be an especially elegant stack of software.

  • The domain name is provided by Hover1 for about $15/year.
  • The source code used to build the site itself is hosted here on Github.
  • Every time I push a commit, CDN provider Netlify takes the new source code and runs Jekyll to rebuild the actual HTML, CSS, and JS files that get sent to you, o Internet nomad. Then they host a copy of those files and serve it to you, at no cost to me!

End cost: $15/year, compared to WordPress’s $fuck-you/year, and I have personal copies of all the software and code that make this blog tick available to me for as long as I care to hold onto it. Long Site design is a good principle to uphold even if the content itself is not worth much.

Here’s some testing of our MathJax rendering.

  1. This is not an affiliate link. I do not make money off you clicking this. I just really like Hover as a company. 

Written on April 13, 2020