Hi there, my name’s Andrew. Pleasure to meet you. 🙂 25 years old, he/him/his, reformed Internet shitposter and aspiring mild-mannered goofball Midwestern dad.

My various social media presences are linked in the footer. I’m most active these days on Twitter, but feel free to email me as well. I used to post a bit on LessWrong and related sites, so if you see aaq that’s probably me.


As of April 2020, at the beginning of The Great Sick, I am a student at Northwestern University, studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I actually almost didn’t bother coming here,

Prior to transferring there, I was a student at Bunker Hill Community College, and prior to that I was a student of Boston Latin School. (Class of 2012/2013 represent!)

Interests and Hobbies

My favorite hobbies are messing around with computers and reading blogs on the Internet. I also really like movies, music, video games, and most other staples of garden-variety nerd life. I am, however, sort of drifting away from cyberspace’s more ephemeral pursuits as I get older; memes are grand, but they just don’t stick around long enough to justify investing in them. (Sorry, Reddit.)